How To Prepare For Teacher Eligibility Test & TET Exam Preparation Tips

Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) is managed by both Central and State Governments in our country.  Candidates those who have passed B.Ed and D.Ed and dreaming for Teacher Job have to qualify in the TET Exam. Now let us analyze in detail on How to Score Good Marks in TET Exam.
Before starting your preparation, First let us know the TET Exam Syllabus and Structure of Exam. You can know this by referring to the TET Exam Previous Year Model Papers. 

The TET Exam is mainly of 2 Papers. TET Paper I is for Primary School and Paper II is for Class VI to VIII. The examination is of objective type for 150 Marks. The first three sections namely Child Development and Pedagogy, Language I and Language II are common for both papers while Paper II consists of 4 sections such as namely Child Development and Pedagogy, Language I, Language II and the fourth part is again divided into three parts i.e Math’s and Science, Social Studies and Social Science or either of them.
Now Let us know the Tips To Crack the TET Exam.
  • Child Development and Pedagogy: This is one of the most crucial parts in the exam. Generally, candidates feel that it’s difficult to score good marks in this section. But if you have a proper time plan you can score very good marks in this part. It consists of questions such as Physiological topics of Teaching and Understanding, Psychology of diverse learners etc. In this subject, you may come across some different words you might have not studied before, so keep special focus and study the words thoroughly.
  • Language I: This will be chosen by the applicant from the stipulated alternatives while filling the application form. Having proficiency in this language is a must and you can prepare for this paper by Reading, Writing, Hearing and Talking.
  • Language II: Candidates can choose any one language given in the application form and he has to attempt the questions on above mentioned one. So you can prepare for this section simply by making conversations with the person who has proficiency in that language.
  • Maths :  Mathematics surely is a time consuming concept, but it has a crucial place in the TET Examination. It is better for you to learn upto 20 tables which helps you to solve 60% of problems in less time span. Non-Math’s students should compulsorily practice Math’s Problems daily. On the other hand, candidates with Maths background don’t feel over confident and if you fail to practice daily you will surely loose marks. You should practice topics such as Simplifications, Fractions, Ratio and Proportion to increase your speed. This assessment is for 30 marks.
  •  General Science : Don’t buy any TET Preparation Study Material from the market. It is better to study from academic books of Class VI to VIII as most of the questions will be from those books. This helps you to score good marks in the exam. Constant revision helps you to remember the Technical words otherwise you get confused and loose most of the marks. All the questions will be on basic concepts, this you will come to know by referring to the TET Exam Model Test Papers.
  • Social Studies: Geographical maps help you to remember the topics for long time. Coming to the History Part, it is better to concentrate more on Social and Economical Issues. All the civics questions will be combined with current affairs and you must prepare according to that. Many candidates feel that Economics is very difficult, but that’s not true. If you read basics you can get through it very easily.

Points to Remember:
  • ·         Take Balanced Food.
  • ·         Have Enough Sleep.
  • ·         Have a planned preparation by understanding the Syllabus and topics.
  • ·         Set a proper time to practice each topics.

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