Happy Women's Day

In olden days women are not considered equal to men. Even though they are very important part of the society they are not provided much freedom or rights equal to men. They are just confined within four walls cooking meals, taking care of children etc. No doubt, the history has also observed brave women but they were very few. Slowly women begun to educate and time has come that some of the women came out equally with men. Today, education has become necessary for them and women are seen working in all areas and they are differentiated among themselves in those fields. Highly qualified woman want to use their talent and seeking a job to support their husband financially. 

Even though it is better today, compared to previous days but still women are still facing problems at home and in work places. They are still facing difficulties in balancing between household work and office duties. They major responsibilities at home falls on woman- as mother, wife etc which is affecting her career. Woman is also facing problems at her work place with her harassing colleagues and superiors. This problem can be solved when husband shares household work with wife. The society should respect woman and terrible punishment should be given to the culprits. This is not a difficult thing, but this happens only if men change their thinking pattern.

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